gluten free sushi menu

Gluten free Appetizer

Edamame $ 4.00
boiled soy beans

Salmon Shioyaki $ 7.50
grill salmon seasoned with salt

Karma Appetizer $ 8.45
grilled yellow tail cheek

Sushi Appetizer $ 9.45
tuna, salmon, yellow tail, white fish total 4 pcs nigiri

Sashimi Appetizer $16.95
tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish, conch or octopus total 15 pieces.

Gluten free Dinner—No soup and salad is included but one soft drink with no charge

Habachi Chicken Grill chicken with mix vegetables served with white rice $ 14.95

Hibachi Steak Grilled steak with mix vegetables served with white rice $ 15.95

Salmon Dinner Grilled salmon with salt served with mixed vegetables w/rice $ 15.95

Shrimp Nabeyaki Udon Udon noodles with shrimp and vegetables $14.95

Gluten free Sushi Rolls

Arizona (yellow tail, scallion, smelt roe) $ 7.50

Tekka (tuna/ spicy with scallion) $ 5.00/ $ 5.50

Tekkyu (Tuna, cucumber) $ 5.00

White Fish (white fish, scallion) $ 5.25

Alaska (Fresh Salmon, avocado) $ 5.25

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